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Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

Figure 1 GIF.gif This key-hole operation consists of removing a large part of the stomach. This leads to a reduced ability to eat, as well a reduced desire to eat. Patients feel satisfied after a small meal, leading to significant weight loss.

Figure 2 28.gif

In this operation, about ¾ of the stomach is removed using a keyhole approach.

The remaining stomach is in the shape of a tube, with a greatly reduced capacity to store food. Patients therefore feel full quickly; this type of operation is referred to as a 'restrictive' operation, i.e. it restricts the amount one can eat.

Figure 3 28.gif

Sleeve Gastrectomy 70.gif

In addition, this operation also reduces appetite, making people feel satisfied quickly. This is because the part of the stomach that is removed normally secretes a hormone called ghrelin that increases appetite. The absence of this hormone means that people only eat when they are actually hungry, rather than just because they feel like eating